What to Do With an Old Wedding Dress?


If you have an old wedding dress in your closet that no longer fits you, it is time to dust it off and find out what to do with it. It may be best to put it into storage until you need it again. Keep in mind that a dress that can’t be worn for a few months can still be saved and refitted for a while.

Think about all the times that you might want to use your old wedding dress, but for some reason you never seem to. Think about a wedding that is just around the corner and you are trying to buy a dress that could be used for that event, but the store doesn’t seem to have anything. The day will come when you need it for another special occasion and maybe you will be happy you took your time to find out what to do with your dress.

Before you put the old wedding dress into storage, however, take a look at the measurements of the dress. Decide what kind of fitting needs to be done. This may mean a hem or a collar, depending on the material of the dress is made from. Then measure yourself and purchase the size that is close to the measurements you get. If the dress has a zipper, check the length of the zipper for it to not be in the way and close up the end so it doesn’t end up pulling the back of the dress.

Creative Uses for Your Dress After the Wedding

Try to find a dress that doesn’t have a large rollers or buttons. The rollers are a thing that goes up and down to fasten the dress, whereas buttons and closures are on top of the dress and more exposed to the elements. Once you have measured and purchased the dress, try it on to make sure it fits properly. Test the zipper. It may need adjusting or maybe just to make sure that it will open and close properly.

Once you have a few dresses that you know are the right fit for your old wedding dress, you can then start to look for a place to give it away. You can consider donating it to a charitable organization, maybe even the one that organizing your wedding. You don’t want to put a dress that is not made to be worn into a place where it will be worn.

Think about this as a gift instead of a wedding gift. In the past people would get married and then not keep the dress and donate it later on. Then after a couple of decades of being married, the bride would pass it down to the next generation. Now you can give it to someone that really wants to receive it.

When you are looking for how to do with an old wedding dress, keep in mind the main purpose of having it. If you need to save it because you will only use it for one or two years, give it to someone that will appreciate it and still wear it for several weddings in the future. You can even keep one in a dresser or in your bedroom to show off and remember the special occasion for years to come.

If you have the perfect size, shape and color of your wedding dress, it is time to dust it off and find out what to do with it. With a little thought and planning, you can enjoy wearing your wedding dress again. You can put it on one of your daughters and save her from spending hours in the store getting it perfect.