How To Wear Wedding Rings


You might have thought you should wear wedding rings only on your engagement day, but the old tradition is actually no longer that easy. Nowadays, the Bridegroom even wears both his engagement and wedding rings on the first finger of both hands, while the Groom’s and Bride’s wedding band on their respective Ring fingers. This makes it possible for the groom to easily change out his wedding band if he has an engagement band as well as a wedding band on. It also makes it easier for him to switch from one ring to the other, if he wants to.

There are two types of weddings: those that are formal and those that are more informal, and you must remember that when it comes to wearing wedding bands, the first thing that the bride will be wearing as the bridegroom will be his wedding band. A bridegroom will wear a wedding band on his first finger as well as his engagement finger. As the tradition goes, it is a very good idea to wear wedding bands on both your rings fingers because this will make you look more stylish.

When it comes to choosing wedding bands, you will see a wide variety available. There are metal wedding bands, which can look beautiful with any kind of jewelry. However, the most common wedding band is the platinum, which is very attractive and can be made even more attractive by adding diamonds on it. Another popular wedding band is the white gold, which looks pretty and is perfect for everyday use.

What Is the Correct Way to Wear Wedding Rings?

There is another popular way to wear wedding bands in both the engagement and wedding days is the use of gemstones, like diamonds, emeralds or rubies. In fact, you will come across many wedding rings with more than one diamond set into it and you can decide which diamond you prefer according to the wedding ring that you want to wear.

As for the engagement, most people will wear their engagement and wedding bands on their left hand while the wedding band is usually placed on the first finger of the right hand. It is not a bad idea to wear a wedding band on both your engagement and wedding ring finger at the same time.

Once you are done with your engagement day, you can now return to your daily routine. It would be better to change the wedding band, if you want to, and you can also switch from one ring to the other one with ease. The wedding band will be in place and you will never know how to wear wedding rings again.