How to Dance at a Wedding?


Learning how to dance at a wedding is a personal choice. There are so many variations on how to dance at a wedding that the best bet is to just be open and look for someone who can help you out. If you take some time to ask, you will soon find someone that can teach you the perfect steps for you to take on your special day.

Most people want to do professional dances for their big day, but they don’t want to pay to see someone else do it. One of the easiest ways to learn to dance is to get yourself a couple of videos and practice. After you watch a couple of them, you can pick up the moves and do them the same way.

It may seem strange to watch a video of someone doing a popular dancing routine for a few minutes and then start to do the same thing but it is actually pretty simple. The best way to learn how to dance at a wedding is to first learn to dance well and second, find a video that has a short instructional dance routine. Your partner should know how to do this before you even start but if you aren’t confident you may want to skip the first dance and just watch the second one. This way your partner will have enough time to get comfortable with you before you go on.

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If you are practicing at home, then try to go out to a location that has a large gathering of people where you can do your particular dance. If you can’t find a place like this to try to find a friend that is dancing and let them take you out to a local place.

Once you have mastered the basics and learn to dance well, it is time to get into the fun part of learning how to dance at a wedding. If you are going to have a live band at your wedding, you will want to pick a few songs that have fun dances in them.

Have your camera in your hand at all times or carry a video camera with you as it is easier to delete a video tape once you make a mistake than it is to delete a slow motion video tape. Practice the dancing moves until you can do them with just your arms and hands, especially if your new to dancing.

If you really want to add the “wow” factor to your dancing, you can get an iPod or MP3 player and practice those dancing moves with that as well. A video camera or an iPod will make sure you always have a perfect video tape to show off.

How to dance at a wedding is something that everyone that plans on going to a wedding should consider doing. If you enjoy the music and the dances, you will have a wonderful time no matter how good you are at dancing.