A Guide on How to Make a Wedding Veil


There are a lot of people asking how to make a wedding veil these days, and a lot of it has to do with how it can enhance the look of a bride or groom. You may be wondering if this will be just a one-off thing you can do to personalise your wedding, or whether you’ll want to buy it ready made. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t matter – you’ll find plenty of information online to help you decide what kind you should go for.

A wedding veil is a traditional accessory for most weddings in England, Scotland and Wales. In fact, the veil is often referred to as a “mandolin” and it was used for the first time during the reign of Queen Victoria. They were worn by her on the wedding day, as an accompaniment to the groom’s cocked hat (which they often matched) and a handkerchief tied round the bride’s neck (which they often matched). They were not designed to conceal much of your hair – but instead to provide some privacy for the bride and for the groom as they waited in the church.

Today, many brides choose to have a wedding veil designed to fit their taste. You’ll find a great variety of styles, shapes, colours and materials being offered by different companies these days. Some companies offer free consultations, where they can discuss the options for your veil.

Your Must Have Guide to Wedding Veils

Most brides want a veil that gives a sense of dignity and poise. They will often want to wear their veil at a specific time of the ceremony – but there is nothing wrong with choosing to wear it on a separate day. This gives you the opportunity to use it wherever you like. You could wear it on the wedding day and leave it off when the church service is over – you could also take it off at the reception or leave it on as you arrive and leave. Either way, this allows you to wear it when you want it, but it’s certainly not required.

You can get a veil which is ready-made or one that you can custom design to fit your needs. If you have an idea about how you want the veil to look, you can have your veil tailor-made for you and have it delivered to you complete with a photograph of you wearing it. {if you have any). Alternatively, you can choose to make your own veil, either buying the fabric you want or making the veil yourself.

The traditional veil was usually made from a mixture of satin or velvet, but these days it can also be made from anything from lace to silk. The colouring is normally white or ivory. If you have a particular image in mind when you plan to buy a veil, you may find that you have no problem finding a supplier who can create your veil to match it.